Does God need our praise?


God must be pretty awesome. He is so amazing and so far away from our human consciousness that I cannot ever understand him and what he is like. He knows all of us, in fact he knows every atom in the universe and even better; he loves every single one of them. He loves me, am member of humanity, one species among many on Earth, enough to send me his son because I need guidance. That’s how much he loves me. He gave me free will; I get to choose to do with my short life what I want to do with it, even if it is completely the wrong thing; that’s how much he loves me. He is this amazing being that is so far above us; it is unimaginable and yet, there are people out there who say that if I don’t go and praise God, he will let me burn in hell for eternity. Or, even better if I insult his name; he get’s angry at me. I cannot believe that. How can this amazing God possibly be insulted by a human being? I don’t think he cares – unless of course I am doing it in order to hurt someone else, then he cares very much because we are not supposed to do that, ever. Same with worship, praise or prayer; I don’t think that God needs me to do that, he doesn’t need his ego stroked, he doesn’t have one; he is God! When I pray, when I worship, when I praise I do it because it helps me. It helps me to remember that I am just a humble human being and that there is a much larger being out there who loves me and who loves absolutely everyone around me. It helps me to be a better person and it helps me to connect to God. And I think that is why he told us to do it. When I hear from a friend that they are worried because their sick grandfather hasn’t been to church in a long time, I can only shake my head. Really?

I understand regular prayer, I do it myself at least once but mostly twice a day (plus all the irregular prayers in between but I am talking about scheduled time for praying here). Regular prayer helps me to keep the connection to God active, it helps me to communicate with him; even if I don’t feel like it, I always get something from it. And part of prayer is always praise, but for me that is remembering who I owe it all to, who made the world and who loves me enough to have died for me (that is so amazing, it gets me every time). So, I don’t understand why some people insist that I have to do it for God. Aren’t you taking away something from yourself if you do it not because you want to but because you feel you have to? I would hate that, I think for me it would lead to the resentment of prayer and ultimately of the God who requires me to do it. So I choose to enact my free will and pray when I want to, what I want to and how I want to.

What do you think? Do you pray regularly and if so, why?


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