My first sermon – the speaking in front of others

I was really nervous. Really, really, really nervous. As in cannot breathe nervous. The only other time I was as nervous was just before my oral examination in Chemistry when I knew I didn’t really understand everything and, worse, hadn’t really prepared the way I should. Except this time, I was going to bare my sould in front of people I harly knew (plus my family and friends, with whom I would have to talk to again, too!). I was a wreck. The first half of th service just passed me by, really, I was caught in a haze of anticipation. Would they laugh when I was trying to be funny? Would they be touched by my personal input? Would they think I was being too radical (I didn’t think I was but the congregation has some rather conservative members). Then, the gospel was read and it was my turn.

I got up. I was wearing jeans and my faux leather jacket because I wanted to show


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