Everyone has an opinion when it comes to faith and religion, and we read a lot of strange things about it on the news, too. I find it difficult sometimes to negotiate all of this and come to my own conclusions. There are so many questions out there and so many answers that don’t make sense so I have decided to make this blog a part of my own journey through the big questions on life, spirituality and how to get it right. Since I grew up Catholic (with a capital C) and have since joined the Church of England; this blog will mostly be from a Christian point of view. I will be discovering the Bible and mucking my way through early church history to understand why we are taught what we are taught in Church. Also this will be from a very personal point of view and I just want to make it clear that I do not have any qualification in theology or any related subject (in fact, I am a scientist). So do take everything I say with that pinch of salt and feel free to not believe a word of it.

Maybe you ask why I would use such a public platform to talk about such a deeply personal topic. First of all, it’s quite difficult to find people you can actually talk to about religion freely because so many already have such a strong opinion to start with. Don’t get me wrong, I have quite a few people who I can actually talk to; I am very lucky that way, but not in the depth and amount that I would like to (even the best friends get bored if you talk too much about one thing). Secondly, I think it would do me good to have a regular output that keeps me going in my journey and writing a blog seemed the easiest and, dare I say it, cheapest option. And thirdly, this blog might be accessible to the whole world, but really, who is actually going to bother? There are a lot of blogs out there!

I will do my best to keep the blogs clear and concise and not too one-sided but I promise nothing. I hope you enjoy reading it and that you will also get something out of it.


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