The Bible (NIV) – Obviously the foundation book of the Christian faith, this version is easily comprehensible and clear and fairly easy to read. Great for people new to the Bible and Christianity.

The Bible (King James or the Authorised Version) – Very beautiful and poetic language but of course also archaic (it is really old after all) and that makes it difficult to understand at times. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners.

Die Bibel (Einheitsuebersetzung) – I use this German Bible for its introductory texts to the different books (which are very informative and also influenced by history, not only theology) as well as a different translation. Also it is very useful if I want to know what a certain name looks like in German (because they are surprisingly different). And yes, I realise that this is the third Bible in this list, sorry, I am a bit weird that way.    😉

Paul Avis, The Anglican Understanding of the Church – This book gives a very good (and concise) introduction to how the Anglican tradition sees itself as a part of the Church of Christ. Very good and easy to read, not least because it is short enough to read in a day or two.

The writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer –  I have them in German which is why I’m not giving you a book title but they are really worth it. He was executed by the Nazis in April 1945 for being true to his Christian faith and especially his poems, prayers, and letters from prison are very inspiring.

Tony Castle (Ed.), The Catholic Prayer Book – I bought this way back and while a large part of the book is dedicated to the formal prayers used in the different sacraments (including 5 different Eucharistic prayers) there is also a great wealth of prayers for every occasion, some of which are truly inspiring.

Martin Davie, A Guide to the Church of England – very comprehensive guide to the history, organisation and doctrines of the Church of England. I find it very helpful whenever I don’t quite understand something (almost anything) to do with the structure of the CoE.

Paul Gardner, Revelation; the compassion and protection of Christ – I didn’t like this book but it does give a good interpretation of the imagery used in Revelation. It did help me clarify my own beliefs (because I disagreed with so much of it).

Tom Wright, Mark for Everyone – A great new translation of the Gospel of Mark with a good, sometimes inspiring, explanation/ sermon of each section. It is part of a series in which the books of the New Testament are translated into modern English.


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