Other media

Films – there are many. many films about the Bible and other topics; this is a wild mix of anything that inspired me:

City of Angels – a soppy love story with an unconvincing premise but some amazing message are hidden in there. I have written about that here.

Invictus – named after the famous poem by William Ernest Henly, this film tells the inspirational story of South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup just after overcoming the apartheid.

iTunesU – there are a large number of lectures recorded, both on audio and video files, that you can download for free, on every topic imaginable. My favourites include The Historical Jesus (Stanford University) and Introduction to New Testament (Yale).

Podcasts – again, you can find them on iTunes or on the Authors website. Generally they are audio files (although some are video) and there is one on every topic imaginable. One of my favourites is the weekly recording of the Saturday evening prayer in Taize; Taize  Lichterfeier (it is recorded by the Cologne radio station Domradio).

Websites – there are of course many, many, many websites talking about religions and faith (and everything else) but here are some that I like consulting.

http://ntwrightpage.com – a collection of transcripts, video and audio recordings of N. T. Wright; one of the most influential theologians and New Testament experts at the moment.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/on-faith – keeping up with what’s happening mainly in, but not restricted to, the US.

en.wikipedia.org – yes, Wikipedia. A great first reference point for anything.


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